In 2011 across Lithuania, Baltics, Russia and Belarus well known Visual-production house „Cyclopes“ perfectioning their image quality started to use Profoto equipment. This turned out to be a big success and soon Cyclopes started to sell it to other Professional photographers across Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus. In April 2013 Cyclopes became official Profoto distributor for Baltic Countries and added to the selection of highest quality products Peli, Induro, Kupo Grip, B&W International and Tenba brands.





Profoto - the light shaping company.

B&W International – outdoor, tool, bike cases.

Tenba – discovery, messsenger, presentation, roadie, shootout, transport cases and bags for beginners and professional photographers

Induro - Tripods, Heads and Support Accessories for all photographers.

Peli – is the global leader in the design and manufacture of virtually indestructible cases for protecting valuable equipment.

Kupo Grip - is the leading manufacturer of professional lighting support & grip equipment, Kupo has established a high reputation for quality and innovation.


CYCLOPES Trade                                                                                
Žemaitės str. 21
LT-01132 Vilnius

Company code 300013463 
VAT code LT 100000949316
Registered at Vilnius region state tax inspection
Registration no.: 20106088

Irmantas Ciginskas
Brand manager
Mobile: +370 686 22852
E-mail: manager@profotovilnius.lt